Join me on this thoughtful quest for discovery…


My name is Christopher Maley.  I live in Charlotte, NC.

I have spent that last couple of weeks trying to figure out what this blog would be about.  Did I want to get a lot of readers? Did I want this out there for when someone Googles me?  Is this just for writing practice?  All those things and much more…This will be an adventure in writing intended to show all different facets of my life.  I will write about everything and hopefully, along the way, try out different ways of telling everyone what is going on.  This is about me relearning to write well and out of this hopefully I will become more creative and eloquent in how I write and think about my life…we shall see. (I am not reading too many other blogs at the moment.  I should be reading more, but I just haven’t found a lot that I like.  Ryan Holiday and Neil Gaiman are the two I read consistently right now. Any suggestions are welcomed).



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